Environmental Impact Assessments

Whether your proposal comprises a Schedule 1 or a Schedule 2 development, or a Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project,
Envisage can assist with your impact assessment studies.

What Will be Considered?

Envisage can prepare several of the studies required to deliver an environmental impact assessment (EIA) of a proposal for submission with an environmental statement, or an nationally significant infrastructure project (NSIP) application. From initial screening and scoping, detailed information will be collated on the location and nature of your site and the processes involved, including liaison with the other members of the development and EIA teams to ensure that all cross-sector impacts are appropriately considered. Additionally, and as required, the cumulative impacts of other proposed developments in the area will be included in the assessment, in order to determine the combined effect of similar discharges or interacting processes.

Robust assessments will be undertaken, including consideration of construction, operational and, as required, decommissioning phases of the development, emergency and other than normal operating conditions, and the assessment of alternative proposals or sites available to the development to ensure that the most appropriate option has been chosen.

Detailed Consideration

Envisage will guide you in the provision of the required project information and will support this with external studies of the local environment.

Robust Assessment

A comprehensive assessment will be provided, with full consideration of the interplay between the aspects of the project and third-party influences.

Working Together

Envisage will be an integrated member of the EIA team, involved at all stages of the process and assisting in the development of a comprehensive assessment.

What Will be Delivered?

The current and likely future state of the environment, both without and with the proposed facility will be described, and any negative environmental impacts likely to result from the development will be assessed. The assessment will specify the factors to be impacted by the proposed development and the significance of any negative environmental impact. Where abatement and attenuation measures are required to prevent or minimise a suggested negative impact, these will be detailed and the resultant change in the impact will be re-assessed. The aim is to develop a proposal for which there will be no significant negative impacts, with abatement and mitigation options applied as necessary to minimise the significance of any such effects. Guidance will be provided to the development team ensuring that any necessary abatement measures are identified and incorporated into the scheme at the earliest opportunity.

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