Contaminated Land (Phase 1) Assessment

Contaminated land assessments may be required to describe the pollution history of a site at sale or purchase,
at Permitting or planning, or to consider the likely impact of an operational incident.

Contaminated Land

Part IIA of the Environmental Protection Act 1990 promotes the use of brown-field sites over green-field areas. The potential liabilities associated with contaminated land prompt investors to ensure that proposed development sites are thoroughly investigated prior to purchase. Assessing the history and likely pollution potential of a site is recommended in order to understand the liabilities, and to minimise the potential for costly law-suits and remediation requirements of pollution which may not have been caused by your activities.

Similar studies are required to support an Environmental Statement or an application for an Environmental Permit, whereby an operator provides a site condition report and proposes a baseline for contamination at the site under consideration.

Studies for Permitting

Site condition reports prepared for new, varied, or surrendered Permit applications.

Studies for Due Diligence

Consideration of the potential pollution history and current management of a site in order to identify potential liabilities.

Studies for Development

Investigations into site status, pollution incidents, and potential future impacts to support current or planned operations.

Envisage Expertise

Envisage can undertake a Phase I (desk based) study of potential land contamination at your site, which considers historical data, current information on operations, and observations of working practices at your site. Studies can be used to inform due diligence projects, environmental statements or Environmental Permit applications as well as being used to identify the potential need for containment or remediation.

The Phase I study can ascertain the need for and nature of any Phase II (intrusive) works, and a monitoring campaign can be designed as required. Envisage can continue to project manage any intrusive works on your behalf, providing an experienced Consultant to guide and review the works undertaken, and to consider the requirement for any further remedial actions.

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