About Us

Environmental Visage Limited is a small, independent consultancy offering an informed and impartial service. Our aim is to help you to meet your environmental obligations and to identify effective improvements to your environmental performance that suit your requirements.

Our History and Our Aims

Environmental Visage Limited, or Envisage as we’re more commonly known, is an environmental consultancy offering a nationwide service to a broad range of industries. The company was formed in 2003 with the vision of providing a top-quality service to clients, at lower costs, and with less of the bureaucracy of a larger organisation.

Offering a wide variety of services, Envisage can assist your company to meet its environmental requirements in an efficient and cost effective manner, enabling you the time to serve your clients, safe in the knowledge that your environmental concerns are in good hands. From environmental reviews and impact assessments, to determining your required chimney height and assessing the effects of your emissions, the extensive capability of our Consultants means that we will have a solution to your environmental issues.

Our Policies

Envisage maintains a number of policies which demonstrate our beliefs and goals. We have attached a few of these here which may be of interest to you.




An independent, informed and impartial consultancy service. Helping you to meet your environmental obligations and identify effective improvements to
environmental performance.

Company Beliefs and Ethics

At Envisage, we believe:

That our clients are of paramount importance.

We want to offer a service that meets your needs, and delivers solutions. We aim to offer the highest quality service, with a professional, yet friendly approach. We want you to feel confident that your environmental requirements will be met and your expectations will be exceeded, all in a straightforward, approachable and efficient manner.

That the environment should be protected from unnecessary damage.

Human activities use valuable raw materials and cause pollution which is detrimental to the state of the environment. These facts cannot be ignored or prevented, but the impact of our activities can be controlled and reduced, and protective measures can be implemented to guard against accidental damage of the environment. Envisage believe in finding the best solutions for our clients, in order that industry and the environment can live together in a sustainable, cost effective way.

That contented, well-motivated staff offer a better service to our clients.

Having been created through a desire to leave the bureaucracy that can befall some larger organisations, Envisage employs highly educated and self-motivated staff to provide the best possible service to our clients. It is the company’s aim to remain flexible and responsive to the needs of our staff and clients alike, and thus offer a service which is adaptable to circumstances, yet consistent in quality.

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